Mother of the halla in elven pantheon of Dragon Age universe.

“They say Ghilan’nain was one of the People, in the days before Arlathan, and the chosen of Andruil the Huntress. She was very beautiful — with hair of snowy white — and as graceful as a gazelle. She kept always to Andruil’s Ways, and Andruil favored her above all others.”
(codex entry)

“Ghilan’nain is called the Mother of the halla, deer-like creatures revered by the Dalish and used to pull their aravel, and goddess of navigation.
According to an inscription in the Temple of Mythal, however, in addition to the halla, Ghilan’nain had created many other creatures – giants, monsters, and beasts that spanned across the sky, water, and earth. These creatures Ghilan’nain had killed after Andruil approached her with an offer for apotheosis — all except a few, with the halla being one of them. She thus became known as the youngest elven god.”


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